Stimulus Components

Stimulus Components is an open-source set of StimulusJS controllers to solve common patterns.

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Stimulus JS is a modest yet powerful JavaScript framework that augments your HTML with just enough behavior to make it shine.

We all share common behaviors between our applications and no one want to reinvent the wheel. That is why the Stimulus Components library exists. To bring you generic and customizable controllers in your applications.

Every components of this library share a same philosophy:

  • Have a great documentation and demo.
  • Can be extended and customized for your needs with a strong API.
  • Be easy to learn and use.
  • Completely unstyled, UI agnostic. You bring the design, we bring the JavaScript.
  • Be as close as possible to the Stimulus conventions.

The Stimulus Components library is already used by hundreds of developers and many companies.

πŸ§ͺ Quick example

Here is an example of how to use Stimulus Character Counter.

1. Install the package:

$ yarn add @stimulus-components/character-counter

2. Import it in your application:

import { Application } from '@hotwired/stimulus'
import CharacterCounter from '@stimulus-components/character-counter'

const application = Application.start()
application.register('character-counter', CharacterCounter)

3. Use it in your views

<div data-controller="character-counter">
  <textarea data-character-counter-target="input"></textarea>

    There are
    <strong data-character-counter-target="counter"></strong>
    characters in this textarea.

4. Try it

Character Counter

There are characters in this textarea.

5. Enjoy! πŸŽ‰

It is as easy as that.

Numbers speak for themselves

Stimulus Components is the library of choice when you are working with Stimulus JS.

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Browse all our components available!

  • Auto Submit

    Auto Submit

    A Stimulus controller to auto-submit forms.

  • Character Counter

    Character Counter

    A Stimulus controller that counts the number of characters in any input fields.

  • Checkbox Select All

    Checkbox Select All

    A Stimulus controller for managing checkbox lists.

  • Clipboard


    A Stimulus controller to copy text to clipboard.

  • Dropdown


    A Stimulus controller to create a dropdown.

  • Password Visibility

    Password Visibility

    A Stimulus controller to change a password input visibility.

  • Rails Nested Form

    Rails Nested Form

    A Stimulus controller to create new fields on the fly to populate your Rails relationship with accepts_nested_attributes_for.


Try them out!

Checkbox Select All


Character Counter

There are characters in this textarea.



See what other developers are saying about it!

β€œAll controllers originate from real-world applications that addressed common problems faced by nearly everyone.”

Guillaume Briday
Creator of Stimulus Components

β€œThey’re lightweight, can be pulled in individually and solve a problem… it would be a disservice to our clients NOT to use them.”

Matt Polito
Senior Engineer at Hashrocket

β€œStimulus Components are indispensable libraries for common UI patterns that are expertly developed and maintained.”

Avi Flombaum
Co-founder of Flatiron School

β€œHigh-quality, pre-made stimulus controllers that solve my most common problems? I’m in love!”

Ryan Weaver
Writer for SymfonyCasts & Symfony core member

β€œJust used my first component today for πŸŽ‰ Super easy to integrate and got nested forms working in 10 minutes. Thanks!”

Mike Holford
Developer / Maker

β€œFrom time to time I need to apply a common pattern that I haven't yet built with Stimulus. Stimulus Components has it already! The components are polished, easy to implement, and the docs are great!”

Adrian Marin
Creator of @avo_hq

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Stimulus Component is an MIT licensed open source project and completely free to use. However, the amount of effort needed to maintain and develop new features for the project is not sustainable without proper financial backing. You can support Stimulus Components development on GitHub Sponsors. πŸ™


Do not hesitate to contribute to the project by adapting or adding features ! Bug reports or pull requests are welcome.

Don't forget to drop a 🌟 on GitHub to support the project.


This project is released under the MIT license.