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Stimulus Timeago

A Stimulus controller that returns the distance between the given date and now in words.

This controller is using date-fns/formatDistanceToNow behind the scene.


$ yarn add stimulus-timeago

And use it in your JS file:

// Probably in app/javascript/controllers/index.js

import { Application } from '@hotwired/stimulus'
import Timeago from 'stimulus-timeago'

const application = Application.start()
application.register('timeago', Timeago)

πŸ‘€ Demo

See demo β†’


In your view:

  Stimulus 1.0.0 was released
  <time data-controller="timeago" data-timeago-datetime-value="2018-01-30T09:00"></time>.

πŸ›  Configuration

data-timeago-datetime-valueundefinedString that can be parsed by Date.parse().❌
data-timeago-refresh-interval-valueundefinedInterval in milliseconds to reload the distance.βœ…
data-timeago-include-seconds-valuefalseDistances less than a minute are more detailedβœ…
data-timeago-add-suffix-valuefalseResult specifies if now is earlier or later than the passed dateβœ…

includeSeconds and addSuffix are the options of the date-fns/formatDistanceToNow method.

If the datetime string passed via data-timeago-datetime-value is not parseable by Date.parse() it will display the given value instead.


If you're using Rails, you can define this helper:

def timeago(date, format: :long)
  return if date.blank?

  content = I18n.l(date, format: format)

            title: content,
            data: {
              controller: 'timeago',
              timeago_datetime_value: date.iso8601

And use it in your html:

<p>Created <%= timeago(@project.created_at) %></p>

πŸŽ› Extending Controller

You can use inheritance to extend the functionality of any Stimulus component:

import Timeago from 'stimulus-timeago'
import { fr } from 'date-fns/locale'

export default class extends Timeago {
  connect() {
    console.log('Do what you want here.')

  // You can override this getter to change the locale.
  // Don't forget to import it.
  get locale() {
    return fr

This controller will automatically have access to targets defined in the parent class.

If you override the connect, disconnect or any other methods from the parent, you'll want to call super.method() to make sure the parent functionality is executed.

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